There's a unique problem that can fetch you money, only you lack the sight to discover it

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The world is full of problems,' narrowing down to Nigeria, it is even the richest abode of problems. This is so because her citizens (especially youths) has overtime lacked the foresight to develop their instincts, brain, creativity and God given unique talent into a resourceful commodity.

From Forbes list, more than 80% of the big names there got rich from solving a problem( others inherited their family's wealth while others are politicians ) and
this list keeps on adding up in numbers everyday..
Instead of sitting down aimlessly and/or roaming the street tirelessly, why not get engaged with something no matter how small.

I am a young man too and I have practically experienced the hardships of a typical youth but it might interest you my reader to know that we are the cause of our own problems and "brokenness". Rather than blame your predicament on others,on government, on your extended family who has refused to help or on your father who is dead, why not take a huge step of admitting your failures and blaming it on yourself, your lack of focus, your inability to explore your environment, inability to think and remunerate on life changing discoveries no matter how little and your nonchalant attitude to life and your dreams if you have any.

That been the first step, you also have to give up on old ways which are time wasting, deprives you of your ultimate ambitions and seem to distance you away from your dream. Enough of 'I see a bright future ahead' and other encouraging Status that you put up on BBM and 2go without a master plan to birth and support them, enough of the time you spend 'chasing anything in skirt' , enough of the time you spend watching people that are already made and don't care if you exist, enough of the time you spend holding irrelevant conversations with people: albeit, take charge of your life, Start today with anything, ' any idea whatsoever ( that is why they called it a start up).

Before I invest much space to go deeply into things you can venture into, I'd like to illustratively state two typical examples that backs up my claims.
Did you know that the co-owner of whatsapp Brian Acton, before facebook bought it for $19B applied for a job in facebook and got rejected?

Did you know that an igbo young guy chinedu ocheruo sold his start up app for $1B?
The same time you spend watching a full live match was the same time bacca of Sevilla spent to work his way out of Colombia and pursue his football dream.
I'm not writing to bore you with this, however, I wish to expose and prepare your mind to everything it takes to be wealthy simply because, it is never going to be a smooth ride, it is a journey made up of determination and ability to fight through challenges.

We are almost usually devastated most times when we are told to start small because of lack of financial support and we believe it would take a very long time to yield huge profits but that is exactly where we got it all wrong.

It will only take the same amount it has taken you over the years to spend on irrelevancies and been extravagant to get you to your promise land. Stay with me as I show you how,'
Surf the web for new opportunities and judiciously: in this age,internet pays a lot of money, our ability to explore it makes the difference in accumulation of wealth and the fact remains that getting engaged in this requires little or no effort,just dedication and determination.

Start with free blogs, try your hands on areas where you can attract traffic, there are a lot of blogs on news and Infos, you could use other things,- health, sports, animals etc to attract attention and when the 'soup is ready',switch to a blog that pays you.

2. Agricultural products: imagine if you plant water melon or maize in that acres of land that that rich man has abandoned over years in your area. ? All you had to do was walk up to him or local authorities and tell them your intentions, any right thinking man would give you permissions out-rightly because he's not losing a dime,you are only doing him a favor..but you always yearn for a blue collar job that won't get your hands " dirty " and all you do is wander around in your neighborhood, engaging in wasteful activities.

 Investment: buying stocks, shares, and bonds.
4.Writing a book/novel
5.Dry cleaning / hairstyling in a "posh" manner

In my next article, I would major expansively on all the aforementioned points.

So, stay tuned ..
Yours in greater heights..

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