How to Build a Network Marketing Business

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The first time I decided to interact with other professionals to develop my social contacts, I didn’t know I was doing myself a favor because fast-forward today I have acquired a great deal of information which in turn educated me about different industries that were otherwise not my field of expertise. I have learned from the experiences (wins and losses) of people who are considered, professionals in their field. I have received FREE career advice on demand – well, I spend N900 – N1000 on the coffee we take during the session, but it’s free actually.

Networking is a tool that will cost you far less than a couple of hundreds of Nairas to build; one contact at a time, but the same tool – networking can do you a lot of favors like landing you your dream job.
Networking is an interaction with other people to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.


Caleb wants to connect with Phil because Phil is a lobbyist who has contact with some really important people in different industries. Caleb meets Phil casually and offers to buy him a drink. Seeing that it will cost him nothing, Phil agrees and Caleb buys him a drink. They talk about different topics and at the end of it all, they exchange business cards.
This entire process cost Caleb N500 and now he has a professional contact added to his list of contacts.


A businessman who is also a billionaire was invited to a talk show that was being hosted by Grace of 100.5 FM. Before the show went live, they had 10 seconds to prepare. That’s 10 seconds windows for Grace to connect. Next she stretches her hand towards the businessman and says, “My name is Grace, welcome again to the show. If you have the time, we have beautiful tourist artifacts you may want to see after the show.” That simple gesture and statement not only connect them, but is the reason why Grace now has a Job as a lobbyist for influential people all over New Mexico.
Networking has a lot of advantages to it. All evidence suggest that networking is the best way to land you a professional job. It exposes you to jobs that are not even online or newspapers. Networking helps you stay on top of your game so you are always aware of the inside scoop. That latest information that can change your business, but is not being shared.
On the downside networking is not easy. Many people don’t like the idea of meeting up with strange people, exchanging contacts and following up to keep the contacts alive, but the light that shines in the dark room is that success in business is as a result of doing many things you don’t like.
Networking requires guts. Some of the best networking occurs when you don’t know what the status of the person you are networking with. Many people are not happy having to meet up with people in uncomfortable situations, but when applied correctly, networking can save your life.
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