Why Budget Shouldn’t be a Neglected Word

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Several weeks ago, McDonald’s caused quite the online uproar when the Practical Money Skills Budget Journal (that the company created along with partner Visa) went public. Many people criticised the budgeting expectations put forth in the journal as unrealistic.

However, one big benefit of both the McDonald’s budgeting journal and the controversy that it caused was that it got individuals and news outlets talking about household budgets.
Considering the fact that the word “budget” can send a chill up the spine of even frugal individuals, it’s high time we started talking about what budgets are (and aren’t) on a larger level. Some truly negative myths still cling to the idea of budgeting, no matter how untrue they may


How To Build Wealth Like Millionaires Do

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The economic downturn has taken its toll on Americans – business owners and workers alike. Many of those who lost their jobs had to take substantial pay cuts in order to work.  Overtime is a thing of the past and many who would like a second job find they are few and far between.  Just because times have been challenging doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build wealth.  In fact building wealth can actually be enjoyable, even fun.

There are opportunities out there for everyone whether it is in an emerging industry such as “micro jobs” or using a special talent you possess and enjoy turning into wealth building opportunities. Here are some ways to build wealth either in a small way to make ends meet or in a big way that could be life changing, either way any of these could be a positive move in the right direction:


7 Reasons Your Neighbours Have More Money than You

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You look out the window of your home each night after dinner, staring across the street at your neighbours. You long for their fancy cars, their manicured lawns, and even the vacations they seem to take several times a year.
You’re not alone. I often look out my window, too — staring at the gorgeous homes and cars — wondering how they manage to pay for them. After all, we live in the same neighbourhood, our kids go to the same schools, and their salaries aren’t that much more than ours.
There are several reasons that our neighbours can afford so many of the things we would love to have, but could never fathom splurging on:

1. Perception is everything
Your perception may be skewed. You see fancy cars in the


Top 7 Products To Export And Become Rich

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Albert Opute. Trainer, Consultant & Exporter

The export business remains one of the most lucrative endeavours anyone can engage in judging by the abundance of many products that can be exported from Nigeria to many countries across the world.

It is also a business that offers lots of room for new entrants to come into it as the industry is still relatively under exploited, making Nigeria to shortchange itself from the billions of dollars that accrue to international trade yearly.

In this week’s SD, Mr. Albert Opute, a Trainer, consultant, and exporter since 2007 reveals his top seven exportable products that can make anyone rich. He also exposes the inner operation of an export business and gives a guide into starting and making a great success as an exporter.
Enjoy the interview:


How a College Student Generated $100K for Her Company

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The idea for my company, Headbands of Hope, came from a summer internship at a wish-granting organization for kids with life-threatening illnesses when I was 19. I realized that girls loved to wear headbands after hair-loss instead of wigs. So I created a company that gave a headband to a child with cancer and $1 to research for every headband sold.
I was studying communications at the time and didn’t know the first thing about starting a business or even manufacturing a product. But I knew I was onto something with this idea and it was a need that wasn’t being met, so I went for it.
Before I graduated in May 2013, I generated over $100,000 in revenue. I walked


How to Build a Network Marketing Business

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The first time I decided to interact with other professionals to develop my social contacts, I didn’t know I was doing myself a favor because fast-forward today I have acquired a great deal of information which in turn educated me about different industries that were otherwise not my field of expertise. I have learned from the experiences (wins and losses) of people who are considered, professionals in their field. I have received FREE career advice on demand – well, I spend N900 – N1000 on the coffee we take during the session, but it’s free actually.

There's a unique problem that can fetch you money, only you lack the sight to discover it

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The world is full of problems,' narrowing down to Nigeria, it is even the richest abode of problems. This is so because her citizens (especially youths) has overtime lacked the foresight to develop their instincts, brain, creativity and God given unique talent into a resourceful commodity.

From Forbes list, more than 80% of the big names there got rich from solving a problem( others inherited their family's wealth while others are politicians ) and