How to make money online

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Online business and transaction is growing larger everyday at a larger percentage that many individual, organization or companies are tapping into this business platform and making enormours amount when effectively being utilized.         

As an individual or company that decide to take her business online has the tendency to reach greater amount of people worldwide patronizing their products or services unlike the real world where some steps are to be taken, like exportation before some international communities could see your products/services. But
this step is time and capital comsuming.

So how do you take your business online and start making money from the comfort of your home or office?
In this article I’ll be explaining 2 major steps of making money online that after utilizing it with the right mindset you are sure of counting your thousands to millions doing online business

Steps to start earning money online

  •  Rendering services
  • Selling of products

Before I continue with these above steps, the bottom line is you must create a blog or website to showcase your self or your product(s)/service(s) .

How to render onling service

There are different kinds of servics you can render online, these services depends mainly on your  type of audience or clients you want to meet. At the same time you can decide to render  different kinds of services like : Advertising, consultancy, Research, Bookreview/Editing, product review, web design,survey Affiliation-marketing, FreeLance writer, Search Engine Optimization e.t.c. In this section I’ll just explain just three out of these examples:
  • Advertising
  • Freelance writer
  • Affiliate Marketing

Advertising:There are two major ways of making noney online through adverts
Direct Advert: This is when you get paid paid to showcase other peoples products servicesto a larger group of people to see. You will get paid whether there’s a purchase or not.You can help people to advertise their products through social media such as Facebook fan page and twitter or through your website or blog. In this type of advert you dictate the price or amount that you want to offer the service.
Indirect Advert: In this kind of advert you sign up on some website that offers contextual advertising campaign as a publisher. After you’ve been accepted to their platform you will be given contextual ads to promote on your website or on social media after which clicks or purchase have been generated your account will be credited with a percentage of the money that is been made.

Freelance  Writer: In this aspect you will have to create articles, blog posts and ebook for people or website that need them. It’s a huge business especially when it comes to online content.

Affiliate Marketing: You will have to promote others product and get paid when purchased is been made on such product.

How to sell your products online

This aspect is very lucrativewspecially when you are selling what people really want to buy.Choosing the wrong products can mean losing a lot of your free time, money and it could mean you’ll never make enough money to survive long term so its important to sell what people WANT. One of the most  important steps to take when building an online business is  to carefully choose the niche that you’re going to focus on. You want little competition and scaleable growth in your product niche .There are millions of products you could potentially sell. Ultimately though it will take some research and experimenting for you to find what sells so you may not find it wit your first try.

Ways to sell your products online

To start selling and promoting your product onling, first, you will need to find your audience. These are simple ways to find your audience online.

Social networkin: engaging yourself/product in social networks e.g facebook advertising

Pay per click adverts

Advertising on industrial websites

Making use of relevant blogs

Creating community websites

Finding opinions

Gaining reviews

Affiliate marketing: A relative easymethod of promotion is to create an affiliate programme, to give affiliate commission for each referal that is in a purchase.
Creating a blog/website

Making use of landing pages etc

In my next write-up I’ll have to cover and explain the whole necessary steps to sell your products online.
Have fun !

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