Steps to Trade Stocks Online

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Online stock trading include the buying and selling of stocks or bonds in business security sector through online service. What was once the realm of professional stock brokers is available to the ordinary man through easy -to –use services. All you need to need to do is keep informed of the industry and you can become an online stock trade with equal ease.

Stock Market Research

When you buy stock, you’re essentially purchasing partial ownership, or directly investing, in a company. The reason  you do this is to get a tangible return over your investment.
Investing in a company that doesn’t show any signs of growth or is failing will only result in you losing your money.


Be Lazy And And Earn $150 (N24,000) Weekly

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If you are the type that is extremely lazy at hustling then you have no worry because I’m here to show you a system that will pay you nothing less than $150 (N24,000) weekly.

This is a proven system with a lot of testimonies. All you need to sacrifice is 4 hours out of the 24hrs you have each day (you can do it at Night Or Daylight) working from the comfort of your bedroom and you will have nothing to lose, trust me on this! This system is designed is such a way that you start making money from it immediately you start making use of it.


How to Get Approval for NAFDAC Of Nigeria

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The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), was establish by decree N0 15 of 1993 (as amended), now Act CAP. N1, Laws of Federaltion of Nigeria (LFN) 2004, to control and regulate the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of food, drugs cosmetics medical devices and packaged water including all drinks (referred to as regulated products).

In accordance with the enabling laws, NAFDAC is authorised to:
  • Regulate and control the importation, exportation, manufacture, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of regulated products.
  • Conduct appropriate tests and ensure compliance with standard specifications.
  • Undertake appropriate investigation of the production premises and raw materials of regulated products.


US Unemployment Rate hit A Six-year Low September

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The US unemployment rate dipped to 5.9% in September, a six-year low, official figures have shown.
The rate fell from 6.1% in August and is the lowest recorded since July 2008.
US Labor Department also said that employers added 248,000 jobs last month, and the job growth figures for August and July were revised upwards.
The jobs figures are seen as a significant gauge of the health of the economy and there has been much debate over when US interest rates will rise.
The US Federal Reserve has kept interest rates close to zero since the financial crisis in 2008.


How to make money online

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Online business and transaction is growing larger everyday at a larger percentage that many individual, organization or companies are tapping into this business platform and making enormours amount when effectively being utilized.         

As an individual or company that decide to take her business online has the tendency to reach greater amount of people worldwide patronizing their products or services unlike the real world where some steps are to be taken, like exportation before some international communities could see your products/services. But


How to Create FREE Video for Fiverr Gig Using Animoto

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To create your fiverr video gig in 30 secs we are going to make use of a website called Animoto.
What is Animoto?

 Animoto is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, music and text. Animoto analyzes the provided photos, music and text, and automatically generates a trailer like video.

The heart of Animoto is its newly developed Cinematic A.I. technology that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images and music with the same sophisticated post production skills and techniques that are used in television and

How to Start An Oil palm Plantation Business in Nigeria

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Botanical name: Elaeisguineensis
Varieties: There are three promintent types
Dura: It has thin mesocarp, thick endocarp (shell) with generally large kernels. It is genetically homozygous denoted by DD.
Tenera: It has thick mesocarp, thin endcrp with reasonably sized kernel. This is a dual purpose palm for the production of mesocarp oil and kernel. It is genetically heterozygous and denoted by Dd
Pisiffera: It has thick mesocarp (with very little oil content), no endocarp (shell-less) with small kernel. It is genetically homozygous recessive for shell. It is denoted by dd.

The oil palm tree is one of the most useful trees ever known. Every part of the tree from its fruit to its leaves and trunk and to its sap is used for one thingor the other. While the fruits are processed into palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Palm oil is red in color and is used fr domesticand industrial purposes in several countries.


Make Money Online to Sell Stock Photos

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As professional photographer or you like photography, you can extend or improve your daily income by selling stock photos online through free stock photography websites. These websites have a large collections of stock photos available for customers to download for a small fee. Keep reading to find out how you can sell your stock photos online through these microstock websites and earn extra money.

8 Steps to Start Selling Your Stock Photos

  • When you sell stock photos through these free stock photography websites, you are not selling the photo, you are selling the right to use the photo. As the photographer, you retain the copyright to the photo and can sell it in more than one place and as many times as you want to. Some of these websites allow you to sell exclusive rights to your photo, meaning that the person who bought it is the


Investing into the Nigeria’s Haulage Business

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Since the collapse of the rail system in Nigeria, more emphasis has been given to road transportation. The haulage market is national. With a population of over 160 million people and an average economic growth rate of 6.12 percent from the year 2005 to 2013, Nigeria has a large expanding and sustainable market for haulage business.

In the northern part of the country, the products readily conveyed are agricultural produce and solid minerals while in the southern part of the country, the products and other finished goods through the commercial and economic nerve centers of Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Porth-Harcourt, Anambra etc.
Nigeria has remained a strong member of various international organizations such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which allows for free movement of people, goods and services amongst member countries, hence, deepening the market opportunity in the haulage business.


We Must Ensure the Economy Works for All Nigerians-- JEG

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President Goodluck Jonathan has said it has become imperative for the federal government to ensure that the nation’s economy works for all Nigerians.

Jonathan said this yesterday, while speaking at the inauguration of the National Council on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Abuja.
He noted that the inauguration marked a very important turning point in his administration’s national economic development drive, with regards to its efforts to place MSMEs, as core and essential elements of economic transformation.


10 Stupid Ways You Lose Money Daily In Nigeria

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1. Unnecessary Parties

It is estimated that Lagosian's spend close to 40 billion naira annually on parties alone . 

Most analyst have argued that most of these parties are completely unnecessary and most times do not add value to either the host or the guests.

2. Insisting on Designers, Labels, and Brands

From groceries to clothing to prescription drugs, you can save money by choosing an off-brand over a fancy label. And in many cases, you won't sacrifice much in quality. Clever advertising and fancy packaging don't make brand-name products better than lesser-known brands.


Make Money Online to Review Products

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Nowadays, there are various means of earning money online just by sitting from the comfort of your home. And one of them that I want to share with you is how to make money online reviewing other people’s products.

There are so many companies that requires people to review their products online. These products ranges from books, audios, movies, foods and electronic products to mention a few.

This brings about an opportunity for affiliates to make money by matching these prospective buyers to what


How to Setup GSM Short Code Business

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ShortCode SMS business merely involves putting in a system that enables you to use a "short code" to produce kind of mobile content through text electronic messaging. those that take your "shortcode" ar beaked mechanically by their network supplier and you get your own share from it.

GSM short code Biz

What is a brief Code?

Well, it's a five or vi digit telephone number that GSM users will send some data to. you'll be able to cotton on from corporations or sites that provide short code services in Nigeria. you can't cotton on directly from MTN, Glo etc


How to Make Money Doing Research On the Internet

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Doing research on the web will cause you to megabucks. If you like disbursal time sitting on your pc and at the native library, then you would possibly realize it worthy to become a scientist. Researchers square measure paid to search out the maximum amount info as possibl on a given topic or to appear into a particular space of study. abundant of the work is completed reception and people with an academic background realize it fairly straightforward.

Ways to form Money through Research

  • Author/Writer: Those who write books, ebooks, articles and different resource material continually longing for somebody to assist with researches. With the web and self-publishing capabilities, now, writers and authors square measure cranking out content a break-neck pace and somebody has to do


FG Releases N2.2bn Agric Funds to 444 Co-operative Societies

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The Federal Government has disbursed N2.2bn to the 444 agricultural-based cooperative societies in 148 local government areas out of the 774 LGs in the country. The measure is part of the efforts to boost agricultural production in Nigeria.

The three agricultural-based cooperative societies selected from each of the 148 LGAs received N500,000 each for group agricultural activities for investment in enterprises along the agricultural value chain and operated through a micro-credit finance process. The Senior Special Assistant to the President on

How to Start Handmade Jewelry Business

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Creativity and uniqueness are the two things that you must have when establishing a handmade jewelry business. This business can be very profitable to you if your products are unique, high quality, and very beautiful.

The pieces of jewelry you will make must stand out from your competitors and in a crowd.

How to Start 

The first that you should consider if you are thinking of starting a handmade jewelry business in your home is the knowledge and creativity you have in making jewelry. Most people can absolutely string beads on cords and add some designs on it and finish a beautiful bracelet or necklace. However, that sets the real problem


FG urged to establish Entrepreneurship Development Centers-- Gbenga Owolabi

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The Federal Government has been urged to establish more Entrepreneurship Development Centers (EDCs) across the country to improve access at affordable costs for aspiring or existing entrepreneurs.
A director of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), South South EDC, Mr. Gbenga Owolabi made the call at an Entrepreneurship Career Fair organised recently by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in Lagos.

Speaking on the Imperative for Job Creation, Owolabi also urged governments and regulatory institutions for education to ensure that appropriate entrepreneurship curriculum is well integrated into the standard curriculum for schools at all levels with emphasis on the development of entrepreneurial mindset in addition to business skills.

Noting that only 4.5 million out of 41.5 million working Nigerians are in paid employment, Owolabi said


How to Auction your Website to Small Business Owners

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Websites are online brochures that can be used by a certain company or business to advertise or sell product or services. Although, high-quality websites could be costly, but they can surely help to save on the cost associated on making and sending out brochures through postal mails. Many small businesses are having a second thought about this option because they already accustomed to the traditional form of advertising.

On the other hand, at digital age, using website is effective way to improve sales and traffic. If you have the ability to make websites, it can be the best way for you to have an opportunity to be successful one.


How to Set up a Small Business Venture

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Being a small business owner is definitely a rewarding path. Small businesses support a country greatly and also the country supports them.

People who owns a small business is called small business owner. They can also be professionals having their own business like lawyers or accountants.

They may also be those owning a bakery, gift shop, restaurant, bed and breakfast, etc. Owners of a small scale business can have a partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, nor corporation. In a sole proprietorship situation, the small business owner is the only one in the company. For example, an artist works solo, or a freelance writer working at home. You don’t have to register sole proprietorship formally and the individual