How to Protect Your Work with Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC)

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Protecting your work this days is a very vital aspect you must look into as there are many companies, individuals or organizations that are ready to use your work illegally.

There are also instances when new companies will borrow your work/business name of your business or products as well.

But this is illegal! But you don’t have anything to worry because there are several ways of how your work will be protected. Through this you will have a unique appeal on the customers and clients and your products of services will be easily known and through marketing and promotion as well. Below are some steps you need in registering your work with the Nigerian copyright commission:

About NCC (Nigerian Copyright Commission)

NCC is the only government agency that is responsible for all copyright matters in Nigeria with implied mandates in other IP issues, the Nigerian copyright commission is pleased to have you and welcome you to explore this virtual window to Nigerian creativity.

The primary focus of the commission is to achieve more efficiency in service delivery and to provide needed support for all creative industries.

How to Apply Online

Quicken up your copyright registration with NCC by following this steps:

New visitors and registrants
Register for free on the website as user (www.copyright.gov.ng) of the NCC portal and gain access to copyright records and make online copyright applications.

Existing Users:
If you are already registered simply click on the login link and start applying. A registered user may register several copyright works and manage them from “Your Applications” menu under each copyright scheme menu.

Managing Your Applications:
Registered works may be updated and edited before final submission for verification. Simply click on the “Your Applications” submenu of your copyright applications for editing or final submission.

Guide on Completion of Form

Name and contact information of Applicant
Provide the name and address of the individual or company applying for this notification. This may or may not be the author or owner of the copyright in the work. Information should be precise and complete to enable the commission correspond with or locate the applicant if necessary.

Status of Applicant
Application for notification may be made by the author or his agent; or in appropriate cases, by a person who has acquired a right in the work. The status of the applicant has to be indicated succinctly.
If the application is being submitted by agent, the certificate will be sent to the name and address given in this section. If this section is not completed the certificate will be mailed to owner named in the form.

Title Work
You are to give a little for the work. If there is no little, state “untitled”. If it is an unpublished collection, give the collection title you want to appear in their records.

Year of Creation
Give the year in which the author completed the work you are sending to the commission. A work is “created” when it is “fixed” in a tangible medium.

Category of the Work
Describes works consisting of text: This includes books, poems, song lyrics (without music), tables, compilations of literary works, catalogues, reports and translations of such works.

Describes any work of music or musical components on with or without words and includes any compilations thereof. Song lyrics without musical composition qualify as literary works

Includes painting, drawings, maps, charts, plans, photographs, engraving, sculptures and work of artistic craftsmanship architectural works and compilation of artistic works.

If the work has been published (i.e. copies have been distributed to the public), give the year of publication and the country where the publication first took place.

Bibliographic or Other Identification
Provide information relating to the identification of the work such as the ISBN and ISSN provided by National Library. Where work has been registered or catalogued by the agencies, or registered in any country, information of such cataloguing or registration should be provided.

Authors(s) Particulars:
The fullest form of the author’s name should be given. This is the original creator of the work. In the case of a work having more than one author, the authors are co-owners of the copyright, unless there is an agreement to the contrary. In such case, the names of the all the authors should be disclosed. The author’s name should be filled whether or not copyright presently belongs to him/her, the employer or have been transferred. All other particulars of the author like date of birth, Nationality, and country of residence should be disclosed. Where the author is dead, state the year of death.

The copyright owner can be the be the author, the employer of the author, or any person that has obtained ownership through a transfer of ownership, such as an assignment. Please note that a “licensee” should not register as the owner of the copyright.

Notification of Transfer of Copyright
Where applicant is not the original author, but has acquired a right in the work, the particulars of such right should be disclosed in Part II of the form. State the nature of transfer, whether it is a license or an assignment; the parties, territory covered and duration, where applicable.

Zonal and Liason Office Contact of Nigerian Copyright Commission

To get the contact in formation of Nigerian copyright commission that is nearest to you please follow this link 

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