How to Establish Chicken Farm Business

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With so many people eating and having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you don't need to be a college graduate to figure out that there is a huge demand for chickens.

Demand is huge but the supply can barely keep up. Fortunes are made by huge chicken farms. This chicken business article will help get a piece of the pie.

Learn about chicken

Eating chicken and raising chicken are not the same for your information. So if you are thinking that it’s as
easy as eating a drumstick, I think this business venture is not for you. First of all chickens will eat abou
t anything so you do have to consider sanitary measures otherwise it just becomes really gross to think about. So yes, learning about chicken include what they eat, how long they lay eggs, their life span and how to care for them in different stages of their life. Find some books and ebooks from web on how to raise chickens. Grab a book and read about them. Try to raise few before setting up a farm is not a bad idea.
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Decide what breed of chicken you want

After you have read a few things about chicken, reflect on what goals do you have for your farm. Make sure you have the right chicken breed to match your goals. A black leg horn chicken for example will lay more eggs than a white leg horn chicken can ever make. However because the breed is of stronger decent, further fortifications are needed to accommodate such chicken.

Find reputable chicken supplier

Order your baby chicks from a trusted dealer. Try searching the web for such dealers. There are literally hundreds of them to choose from. Better yet ask another chicken farm owner where he gets his chicks from. Get a second option about such matters. Read chicken farm reviews and visit supplier farms with high rating practices. Get way ahead from competitor chicken farms by getting good sources of baby chicks.

Plan a budget for your operation

Calculate and make an intelligent estimate how much it will cost you to run a chicken farm operation. You will need to account for weekly expenses for feeds, water system, and heat for younglings. Get additional funding for your start up chicken farm expenses by soliciting help from close friends and relatives. You may also want to get a bank loan just in case. Your expenses will depend on how huge you want your operation to be.

Location for chicken farm

Find an area where you can build a chicken coop. If you have a small parcel of land, begin with small coop. A bigger coop may mean purchasing a bigger lot area which may entail doing business with a real estate broker. The choice is up to you.

Gather your chicken farm supplies

After you have solved where to get your chicks, get supplies you can use for your chicken coop. Also find a dealer for your chicken feeds. Again search the web for different types but a good way to know what type to buy is by consulting a veterinarian. Your chickens will need a doctor to check on them and vaccinate them too so a vet can not only recommend vitamins and other supplements but what feeds to buy as well.


Q. What are the equipments required for chicken farming?
  • Chicken feeding and watering equipment
  • Chicken processing machinery(if you want to setup a processing unit as well.)
  • Chicken waste disposal equipment
  • Disease and pest control equipment
  • Incubating equipment

Source: http://www.startupbizhub.com/starting-chicken-farm-business.htm

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