Task to Financial Success

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This blog is specially designed for you guys out there seeking and searching for how your life can be rebuild especially in the areas of financial breakthrough and how to manage your little resources to yield more and much for  you.

 I created this blog to share means of wealth ideas in empowering serious entrepreneurs online and offline. The primary goal of this idea is to give hope and empower people that think all doors of becoming financially succeed has been closed against them; that there’s a way out if you are serious about making wealth regardless of whom you are,  what you do or your family background, you have no limitation towards success. “Financial success is designed to every individual who knows how to use

I always say this to every individual that I’ve touched their lives in one way or the other that to every task you make in life there must be a corresponding success which you never understand.

Financial Task/Management

Let’s go into one of the golden rules of financial success which is task/risk by examining the story of a young man who happened to be a servant. He was given a task to accomplish for him to rich and this task was a capital given to him to expand to bring more income; but ignorant didn’t allow him to see through.

There was a day that a wealthy man who happened to be the master os this servant wanted to travel abroad which would take him a long time to return and he gave three of his servants some capital to work with which one the servants happened to be the one we are going to use as illustration on task to financial success.

The first servant was given 5% of the master’s capital for him to work with to get more, the second servant was given 2% and third, 1% and he went on his way.

The first servant went on o invest with what he has been given likewise the second servant and they gained double of what capital they invested on but the third servant that we used as an example of financial task; sometimes I refer to him as a blind business man that couldn’t see through because  he was afraid and ignorant to take a task towards success,  went on to hid his own investment capital so he couldn’t  gain anything because he didn’t trade with his money.

And when the master finally arrived, the three of these servants was called upon to give the account of what they did with the money that was given to them. The first and second servants was abled to give account and the profit they made from investing their own percentage. So they were rewarded accordingly, the last (third) person couldn’t give anything but instead he said he was afraid to a task of trading with the money so he decided to hid the money. The foolish excuse prompted the master to sack him immediately because of his incompetency; and the 1% that was given to him was collected from him and was to the first person who already made 5% profit plus his initial 5% capital making 11% in total.

So all I’m tying to say is that no matter how small or big the task might be you still need it to accomplish success. Just try to work on any little resources that might be in your hands or around you, if you do not have any try to discover one; no research you make on financial success is wasted, it will always provide you with more.

Quote- “To every task you take in Life, there must be a corresponding success.”

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