Sign Up With Construction Company in Nigeria and Get Paid Monthly


Start making a living today while working in a construction company in Nigeria.

Construction works (Roads, Rail and Bridges) has become rampant in major cities of Nigeria and has also become a verse source of employment in recent times, provided by different construction companies, e.g. CCECC Nig. Ltd, GITTO Constructruzioni Generali Nig. Ltd, HI-TECH Ltd, Julius Berger Nig. Ltd and many more.

But it seems CCECC own by Chinese Company, has become the dominant construction company in months especially in the South-Western part of

Requirements to Sign Up

There is nothing like basic requirement before you can be employed into these construction companies mentioned above especially the CCECC Nig. Ltd but it will be an advantage if you are semi-skilled/skilled in any of the following:
  • Iron Bending
  • Bricklaying (also known as Mason)
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Machine Operator: such as the Mobile mixing machine, Crane, Excavating machine, Tractor and Others.

The advantage of being a skilled labour in any of these categories is that you will have the tendency of getting high payment. But if you don’t have any of these skills you can still be employed but as un-skilled Labour.

How Much Can I Earn Doing Construction Work

The payroll varies from skilled labour, semi skilled labour down to un-skilled labour.

The payment is also calculated in per hour you were able to work on each day down to 24-30 days. Some of these construction companies skip Sundays as work-free day and closes by 12p.m on Saturdays which could cut down your salary a bit but its okay because it will give you time to rest and enjoy your weekends, but in the case of CCECC, you will have to work the whole 30 days unless you wish to skip work on your own any day you want.

The payment ranges from N24,000 to N50,000 (for CCECC Nig. Ltd) per month. Though this money might seems little in terms of what you may be spending on monthly basis, but let me quickly tell you that with good  money management skill you can use some percentage of this money to invest on something more profitable after some months of  working with them.


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