How to Start Concrete Block Industry Business


Block industry business in Nigeria is no more news or a virgin business here in Nigeria as many entrepreneurs are running into it due to huge profit this business promises.
You can decide to go into the business today as a newbie with a little capital to work with and by the end of every week you will realize that your profit is soaring.

Basic Requirement to Start Block Industry Business

Here are some basic requirements you need before you can start this type of business.

Own a land

A 60 x 120 plot of land is okay for starting up preferably in a new and developing site is very good, this
land should be able to occupy processed blocks and other work materials. You can either buy or rent one, but buying is preferable!
Don’t situate your site on a flood prone or swampy are because this might lead to damaging of your blocks.
Acquire Diesel Lister

This will be use for powering the block processing machine or the block molder or vibrating machine.

Acquire Block Processing Machine

This is used for molding blocks into different shapes and sizes. You can  get this from local welders who specialized on this.

Get Wooden Pallets

You can get these wooden pallets (blocks) as you are willing to produce per day at least you should get 500-700. The wooden pallet is a flat object used for carrying block from the molding point to the drying point. It is constructed by carpenters.

Construct a well or any source of water that will be ready all time

You need plenty of water in the block industry for mixing of sand with cement, molding of blocks and watering of molded blocks a day after it were processed to improve it hardness.

Employ workers

You will need a minimum of five employees at one molding point, one operator, two mixers and two carriers.

Get a truck

You will need a truck to load block from your site to  your customer’s preferred destinations. And this also will call for three workers the driver and two loaders, that depends on whether you own your truck or it is rented. If you own you truck, then the driver an the two loaders will be your direct employees. But if your truck is rented, in that case, you don’t have control over the driver and the loaders

Get a Good Supply of Cement and Sand

Cement and sand are your essential raw materials for molding your blocks.

Supply of Diesel

You will need about 25 to 30 litres of diesel to fire up your lister engine almost everyday depending on how long your machine work.
With all this in place, you are good to establish you own block industry; and start making your money from it.


  1. Make sure you mold good quality blocks because this will be your marketing strength and what will keep customers to keep on coming back to you and will also make them to recommend your block to other buyers.
  2. Do a strong feasibility study of the market.


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