Earn Money Online From Your Spare Time


Do you have lot of spare time? Are you interested in utilizing it to make money? Do online jobs interest you? If so, some of the ideas listed below might suit you:

Participate in Paid Surveys:

 This is one of the ways that a lot of students love to make easy and quick cash. When you work with paid surveys, you get paid to participate in surveys as well as share your opinion.

While these don’t pay as well as some other options, the earnings add up, and all work is very


In order for you to participate in Paid Surveys, here are some steps you can take:

  •  Identify legitimate paid survey sites 
  • Get registered in few sites to start with 
  • Let the company know about the type of surveys you would be interested to participate in 
  • Start participating in as many surveys as possible 
  • Share your honest opinion about the products 
  • Send back the completed survey form at the earliest or within the deadline 
  • You need a computer with internet connection 
  • You need to have an opinion regarding the product 
  • You should have some spare time to fill out the survey form and send it back on time.

How much can I make out of Paid Surveys?

  •  You can make anything between $1 and $100 depending on the type of survey and the length of the survey.  
  • Other than money, you can also enjoy some freebies, discount coupons, lucky draw, etc.

Take up part-time Data Entry jobs:

 A lot of companies have random requests for different things, such as converting hard
copy data to electronic data.
If you have fantastic keyboarding skills with great accuracy, then why not make money out it?

In order for you to become a part-time Data Entry operator, here are some steps you can take:

  • Look out for data entry openings in freelancing sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, and Odesk.com. 
  • Start applying for those jobs 
  • Get the documents done on time 
  • Do the job as accurately as possible 
  • Submit back the given job within required deadline. 
  • Collect testimonials and offer incentives for people to refer their friends.

How much can I make out of Data Entry?

 You can make anything between $1 and $5 per hour depending on your speed and difficulty of the job.

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  2. If you have spare time then you can easily learn and earn money online.The easiest way is blogging which improves the writing skills and at the same time make you earn money.

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    1. Hi Agwu,
      What are the tasks you like most while you have spare time ?

      Johnny Depp

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    2. Writing articles and also reviewing some already written articles. I do this to earn!

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