How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business


You may recall that the Government banned the importation of GSM recharge cards/vouchers printed in foreign countries. This has opened up the industry to all players, both big and small. The business is all about you being a small to medium player, a mini franchisee! It is 100% legal; you are going to be dealing with companies that are licensed by NCC.

Printing GSM Vouchers

Before now, printing and selling of GSM vouchers had been a business reserved exclusively for the big distributors. But now all that have changed, it’s all about who is interested. Just considering that recharge card consumption in the country is expected to reach over 80 million each month would make any one who


Successful Segmentation Of Market

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For segmentation to be meaningful, each segment must meet the following four basic criteria:
  • The segment must be meaningfully measurable
  • The segment must be substantial
  • The segment must be accessible
  • The segment must be responding to marketing.


These dictates that consumers who belong to a given market segment be identifiable and measu

How to Start Concrete Block Industry Business


Block industry business in Nigeria is no more news or a virgin business here in Nigeria as many entrepreneurs are running into it due to huge profit this business promises.
You can decide to go into the business today as a newbie with a little capital to work with and by the end of every week you will realize that your profit is soaring.

Basic Requirement to Start Block Industry Business

Here are some basic requirements you need before you can start this type of business.

Own a land

A 60 x 120 plot of land is okay for starting up preferably in a new and developing site is very good, this


Guest posts

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Now you can use this platform to make a guest post in line with the contents of this blog. For more questions regarding this please use the contact page.
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Money Market Dealers Wait over CRR hike

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Await maturity of N170bn short term assets.

At the financial market yesterday, dealers resorted to a 'wait and see' approach, following the Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) decision which targets easy money at the disposal of Nigerian banks.
Amid huge expectations that this decision would spike rates, BusinessDay checks at the money market showed that while there were only about10 basis points reduction across various tenors in the Nigerian Interbank Offer Rates (NIBOR), rate for 7 days money remained unchanged.
The wait and see game by financial market dealers was linked to their expectation of N170billion worth of short term assets which mature into the system today. Though at the Treasury Bills (T-Bills), there was significant sell-off; same as in the bond market –indicating sales pressure on fixed income


Facebook shares soar as users, mobile ads climb

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Facebook Inc delivered strong evidence it can thrive on smartphones and tablets on Wednesday, reporting a much better-than-anticipated surge in mobile advertising revenue in the second quarter that ignited
a nearly 17 percent share rally.

The world's No. 1 social network also reported an uptick in daily visitors to its service, allaying worries that a new crop of fast-growing mobile upstarts like WhatsApp and Snapchat could cut into the time consumers spend on Facebook.

Facebook's growing appeal to consumers and advertisers combined to deliver the company's strongest ad revenue growth since the third quarter of 2011. Ad prices, which declined at Google and Yahoo, increased 13 percent at Facebook, Reuters reports.

"Facebook has nearly 700 million people that use the platform daily. There's no bigger audience on the

Destination ‘Ekiti’ beckons

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Apart from its famed status as Nigeria's 'home of professors' and Fountain of Knowledge, Ekiti State is arguably one of the places in Nigeria that have developed a clear roadmap for destination marketing.

The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is the most popular and most developed tourist site in the state. The warm spring draws hundreds of international and local tourists to the site to unravel the mysterious cold and warm waters flowing side by side.

According to experts, it is a geological wonder to have such occurrence out of the same rock formation and this Ekiti flagship tourist destination is said to be the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world. The warm and cold springs flow from a close proximity, come to a meeting point (a unique attraction to tourists), and flow onward together with each spring retaining its thermal identity. The warm spring has a temperature of up to 70° Celsius at the source and 37° Celsius after meeting the cold


I’ll Establish Shea Butter Processing Plant in Nigeria - UK-based Business Owner

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Emi & Ben, a natural skin-care company founded in the United Kingdom
in 2009, depends on shea butter produced by rural women in Nigeria.
Ronke Ige, founder/CEO, Emi & Ben, in this interview with OLUYINKA
ALAWODE, speaks on the business and the company's growth plans.


This business idea came about because of my love for shea butter. While I was growing up with my my brother and sister in London, my parents always used shea butter as a moisturiser to tend our skins. However, it is not readily available in the UK, so every time any of my family members was travelling to Nigeria, my parents would always get or tell the person to bring back shea butter for


The Role of the Board Chairman

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The Chairman of the Board is Primus Inter Pares (the first among equals or first among peers) on the Board of Directors of every company and typically elected by members of the Board of Directors who
also determine the period for which he/she is to hold office. In other jurisdictions, the Chairman of the Board is elected annually by members of the Board at the first Board meeting after each Annual  General Meeting or between Annual General Meetings upon the resignation, death, disqualification or removal of an incumbent
Chairman. The Chairman should be a non-executive director and it is desirable that he/she should satisfy any independence standards set by the Board, applicable law or relevant Corporate Governance Code and
best practice.

Selecting a Board Chair is a very important process in the life of any company. Most organizations adopt the democratic approach spelt out in the Companies and Allied Matters Act by voting for one of them to


Starting a Courier Business

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The courier business has more than enough room for newbie. Are you dreaming of starting your own courier service business? This article offers tips on starting and running a courier service business.

Basic Options to Start a Courier Business

The best way to go about starting a courier service business is by exploring your available options.

You can operate a courier service in several ways. You can team up with an established courier company and have than subcontract your business. When you subcontract, you do the legwork for your client company. That is the essence of your role. You provide the


Steps In Segmenting A Market

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In segmenting a market, the following steps should be followed.

Select a market or Product category for study:

The first step in market segmentation process entails defining the overall market or product category to be studied. This gives the marketer bearing and focus concerning what to do. Such a selection can be done on an existing market or product category, a new but related market or product category or totally new market or


Become an eBay Assistant Working from Home

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Become an eBay Assistant

The revolution happening in the Internet has brought new businesses and occupations up for grabs for everyday people and you may probably want on becoming an eBay assistant by working from home.

The rules on becoming one are simple and easy task to do. You can quickly venture on this new business right in the comfort of your home.

The revolution happening in information technology, particularly the Internet, is fast changing how the world works nowadays. The World Wide Web has brought new ways on how people communicate and transac

Pig Farm Business

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Pigs can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small- or large-scale business. But in whatever size, a prospective farmer would need inputs as to how to raise pigs efficiently and in a more productive manner. Read from this guide and learn the basics on choosing piglets, proper nutrition, and ideal housing.

Raising pigs can be pursued as a small-scale operation as source of family meat and supplement income or it can be made into a large-scale operation.
Pigs may be raised in highly controlled environments (hog lots) indoor, in open spaces or barns as breeding sows or grown and sold for slaughter to butcher shops. Here are the aspects of pig raising that a


5 Effective Money Management Tips of Online Sports Betting


Managing one’s fund is an essential skill that every online sports bettor must know. It saves them from all the hassles caused by irresponsible betting.


Set Limits:

Setting limits is the best way for bettors to manage their bank roll efficiently. Via allotting a budget, they do not face the risk of draining all their money. This is also one of the best approaches to avoiding addiction. Setting limits is not just a simple task. It is a major responsibility of every else, they should know how

Sign Up With Construction Company in Nigeria and Get Paid Monthly


Start making a living today while working in a construction company in Nigeria.

Construction works (Roads, Rail and Bridges) has become rampant in major cities of Nigeria and has also become a verse source of employment in recent times, provided by different construction companies, e.g. CCECC Nig. Ltd, GITTO Constructruzioni Generali Nig. Ltd, HI-TECH Ltd, Julius Berger Nig. Ltd and many more.

But it seems CCECC own by Chinese Company, has become the dominant construction company in months especially in the South-Western part of

Earn Money Online From Your Spare Time


Do you have lot of spare time? Are you interested in utilizing it to make money? Do online jobs interest you? If so, some of the ideas listed below might suit you:

Participate in Paid Surveys:

 This is one of the ways that a lot of students love to make easy and quick cash. When you work with paid surveys, you get paid to participate in surveys as well as share your opinion.

While these don’t pay as well as some other options, the earnings add up, and all work is very


Make Money to Resell Programs And Books

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Everyone knows the saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” If you find a program that is selling well, you can either promote it for a “commission” from the seller (usually 50% and referred to as “affiliate commission”) or you can buy resell rights to collect 100% of the sales. If you buy resell rights you have to invest some upfront money, but if you pick a good enough programs then you’ll earn back your money very quickly.

In order for you to find a popular program and resell it, here are some steps you can take:

  •  Do a mental inventory and think about programs or courses you know are

Trustfund Gave Out N230m to Shareholders

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The board of Trustfund Pensions Plc has announced a dividend pay-out of N230 million for the year 2012 with shareholders receiving 23 kobo per N1 share compared to 15 kobo in 2011.

Nigeria Labour Congres, NLC; Trade Union Congress, TUC; and Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, NECA, who are major shareholders of Trustfund Pensions expressed delight at the news of the boost in dividend.

The board also announced the confirmation of the appointment of the Acting Managing Director, Mrs. Helen

Secrets of Online Sports Betting for Beginner’s Guide


Knowledge in sports does not guarantee success.

A lot of people who are into sports give sports book a shot as they think they’d be instantly successful as they know how a certain sport works. This is a misconception as a lot people who start this may end up disappointed in the end. Sports fans think they understand every ins and outs of their sports and they assume that they can exploit the betting game.


Let me quickly say the bitter truth in this game before going to the secret of online sport betting:  You may know who plays good and who doesn’t but you cannot tell how the team will perform after playing back to

Think About it, to Be Your Own Boss!

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Your brain is the key to your success… Boost your brain; hard work cure hard life for those who have the brain. “Sometimes we all think is the end of the road but I tell you the road is still far ahead of us it never ends.”

Being Your Own Boss

To be a boss of oneself is not that easy to work for but with a self determined mind you can achieve been your own boss. We all want personal fulfillment and empowerment especially in these uncertain times. We want to be in control of our time; our jobs and our earning potential, and some of us know that working for someone else is simply a necessary means to an end. You go to work , you do a good job, you get paid for your productivity and efficiency and your value to the company, you bring home your pay check/salary and

Task to Financial Success

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This blog is specially designed for you guys out there seeking and searching for how your life can be rebuild especially in the areas of financial breakthrough and how to manage your little resources to yield more and much for  you.

 I created this blog to share means of wealth ideas in empowering serious entrepreneurs online and offline. The primary goal of this idea is to give hope and empower people that think all doors of becoming financially succeed has been closed against them; that there’s a way out if you are serious about making wealth regardless of whom you are,  what you do or your family background, you have no limitation towards success. “Financial success is designed to every individual who knows how to use


How to Earn As an Outsourcing Middle-Man

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Are you interested in acting as an agent or intermediary? Do you have a knack for business and are good in dealing with people? Then listed below are some ideas that might suit you:

 Outsourcing Middle-Man

Many companies look to hire people in order to help them expand their web presence, to create content for their blog, or help assist them with other tasks.

If you are good at managing people as well as marketing, you can act as an “agent” for some outsourcers.

Identify people that can do certain work, and then advertise their services to other businesses.
Mark up the price so that you can make a


Writing Corporate Minutes

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If you want to write corporate minutes, you can follow this simple guide. The first paragraph usually contains the time, date, and the place where the meeting was held. On the last paragraph, a statement for an adjournment of the meeting is needed and the next meeting should already be determined.

The board should decide on the place and time before the meeting is adjourned.


Tips to Write Corporate Minutes

If you are the company secretary, it is your duty to write the corporate minutes of the board meeting. All meeting minutes will be compiled in the corporate records and will serve as reference. You can make use of this guide to create the minutes although you’re free to add some necessary items that transpired in the

Email Advertising Tips

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If a company wants to use email as a marketing and advertising tool to reach its customers, it is very important to know the following email advertising tips such as: make the message short but complete, use of strong subject line, offer something that would interest and benefit consumers, etc.

With the arrival of the Internet Era, gone are the days when only the large businesses can afford to pay advertising campaigns in traditional media such as the television, magazine, radio, and newspaper.
Meanwhile, one of the most effective online marketing tools is through email that makes the communication between a company and its customers more intimate and private. But to make this more effective, it is