Requesting Credit Card for Online Purchase as a Nigerian


 If you have been searching for ways to get a verified credit card suitable for online use or purchase of items, then you need to browse carefully through this article as it contains necessary details you will need to get a credit card offline here in Nigeria.

Before now, I’ve been a victim of not been able to purchase online since my Gtb naira mastercard stop working for me. Though I tried to reactivate it using the token I got from the bank but it didn’t just work.
So what kind of credit card do you need in this process? Its very simple, its UBA Africard.

Steps to get UBA Africard

Go to any UBA branch nearest to you to request for Afrcard. UBA Africard is of 2 types:

These cards works as the same but the difference is that the non personalized doesn’t bear your name and
you will be issued at the bank on the same day i.e. it is instant. While the personalized Africard bear your name but may take weeks to be ready. However, the non personalized Africard have your name electronically.

Documents Needed to Get UBA Africard

To get UBA Africard, just walk into customer desk section in any UBA branch with copy your ID (Government issued) and utility bill (PHCN, water) original copy and 1 passport photograph. You’re going to be given a form to fill in your data. You don't need to pay any amount before you can be issued this card unless you wish to pay on your own voluntarily, lol!.

How to Fund Your Credit Card

Funding your Africard is also very cheap to do. Your non personalized Africard has already have your name written on it electronically, so whenever you are ask to supply the card holder’s name just use the one you used when filling your form for the Africard during the process of registration.
So to fund your credit card just walk into any of the bank and fill a deposit form, use your Africard holder’s name and the card’s Number as “Account Name and Account Number”.
After which you can start using your Africard to buy or shop online . Buy in Amazon store, use it for Facebook ads, Google adword and many more…


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