Hope, Aim and Have the Faith

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If you meet with disappointment in your choice of desire or aim, what would your attitude be? How can you change your emotions from negative to positive? How does it affect your thinking?

Hope at times may seems discouraging, that’s why faith must come along when you are hoping for something because hope in it simplest meaning means that, wanting something to happen and the faith will give you the complete confidence that it will come to happen.


Shelton said in 1620 “it is not fit that whilst good luck is knocking at the door we shut it; let us therefor sail with the prosperous wind.”

What you are aiming at, might not be happening now but the faith will surely sail whatever you are hoping for
to your side. You see, I believe we are created to rule and reign, we are created as the head and not the tail. We were given so many talents to use. An old Russian adage says “poverty is not a sin, it is something worse.  A man who losses his opportunity and a monkey that misses his branch cannot be saved. What made both to lose is, if they lose their focus on what they are aiming at.

 So remain focused and have the faith, you are going to be there one day and that day starts NOW!

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