How to Easily Earn Money On Fiverr Selling Fiverr Gigs


I was surfing the internet this morning and I found something nice  about Fiverr on one of nairaland threads which I think I should share with you guys.
If you haven’t heard about Fiverr before or you don’t how you can earn selling Fiverr gigs; just stick on this article and follow the step-by-step guide highlighted here because you will definitely find your Fiverr breakthrough in this article except after reading this article and later do it wrong yourself.

What is Fiverr meant for?

Fiverr is an online trading platform that let you earn $5 on every product (gig) that you sell. This $5 is earn over and over again on each fiverr gigs that you set up. There is no limit to each fiverr gigs you can sell per day. All you need is patience and watch your fiverr earnings grow gradually with your powerful fiverr gigs that you’ve set up.
This article will guide you from the scratch to making your money on fiverr. Now let’s get started!
According to the Op of the post: http://www.nairaland.com/1194416/free-tutorial-how-make-money


How to Open A Fiverr Account. The Smart Way

Now, most Fiverr expert will simply tell you that in order to open a fiverr account, all you have to do is visit www.fiverr.com, click here and BAM! You have an account.
Well, I stand to tell you that THEY ARE WRONG! It goes a long way beyond that. I’m not saying they are totally wrong! You will get a Fiverr account following those methods.
But hear this; if you want to open a successful money making Fiverr Account, then you must register it as an American. Surprised? Don’t be let; me explain with this scenario: if you are present with a BlackBerry Bold 5 from slot Limited in Nigeria and another BlackBerry Bold 5 from US, which one would you go for?
Now hold that thought! If you are a lady would you purchase your favorite designer clothes from a Nigerian boutique when you know that you can get those same clothes from a confirmed US based boutique at the same price?
If you choose America over Nigeria, then don’t worry as it is only natural. You believe, like I do, that anything from America is genuine (According to the writer). Likewise, Fiverr sellers who are American have
an advantage because of this simple psychology; that America service providers are better than all other countries. So you have to present yourself as one from US. This is how Nigerian Fiverr Gurus get people swimming to their offers.
Now that you know this secret, the question is, how do I register my Fiverr account as an American? Simple, CHANGE YOUR IP TO US IP WHEN YOU OPEN OR CREATE YOUR GIGS. You can change your IP by using proxy sites, e.g.
www.vtunnel.com. You can also do this by simple configurations of your Mozilla firefox Browser and free proxy address. I’m not here to teach you that so use Google to search out that answer.
So here’s what you do to open a fiverr account as an American
Typing in any of the proxy site provided above to change to US IP.
Step 2:
On the proxy site, look for the space to input URL and type www.fiverr.com, and then press ENTER. You should see the home page of the fiverr.com site.
Step 3:
At the top of the page on the far right side, click the link join.
Step 4:
Fill in the fields for email, choose username, password and are you human. Next, accept the terms of service, and then click join button.

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Step 5:
Now you will see a page displayed with a message that says, Activation link was emailed to you.
Step 6:
Open your email account ( the one that you just provided during sign up phase), and then open the message from Fiverr.com that has sa subject line that reads; “Fiverr: Registration Confirmation.”
Step 7:
Click the confirmation link inside the email message.
Step 8:
If you followed these instructions exactly, then you should be taken to a page on fiverr.com that says; “Account Successfully Activated”. Hey, this is a great time to edit your profile.
Step 9:

Now that your account has been set up, make sure that you store your username, password and the email you used for fiverrr.com in a safe place. Most important is to remember your login information, which will allow you to gain access to your account the next time you’re online.
Congratulations! You’ve just completed the registration and sign up process for fiverr.com. welcome aboard the site for success! So we have our American based Fiverr Account up for uploading our gigs. But before we do that, we have to create our profile in order to capture the attention of potential buyers. This is another important factor that separates the losers from the winners. If you do this wrongly or according to how most guru tell you, then you will never get a sale (according to the writer). So if you want to know the sneaky way of creating an attention grabbing profile, simply follow the steps below:


How to Create Powerful Fiverr Profile

How to create your powerful profile that attracts buyers quickly. In order to change/edit your profile, login to your account using the proxy site as I told you, place your mouse on “profile” and on the drop-down menu, click “settings”.
Now you want to pay attention to three parts of the profile settings here, which are Profile Name, About Me and Profile Picture.
In profile name, input a Female Name. this is because buyers feel more confident and relaxed with female sellers than approaching males. Of course, it is natural thing offline in the market area, whereby most business prefer a saleslady to a salesman in marketing their products or services. So please, use any AMERICAN female name. you can use www.fakenamegenerator.com to get one of your choice.
Now here comes an important part, which is the “About me” section. This tells a lot about how professional you are. If it is too shabby, you get little or no response from buyers. But if you are too rigid, then you might be seen as someone who is not approachable. So how do you do it? You mix it up. For instance, you might say; “hey there! Backlinking Expert, Jennifer here! I know you are just interested in my offers not me, no hard feeling. But nonetheless, check out my gigs to take your business to the next level.”
As you can see, it is not shabby and not rigid. Use this as a template, but don’t copy word for word. I see some Fiverr seller’s profile that states how many years experience they have in a particular skill, yet no one buys their gigs. Fiverr buyers are looking for approachable people to work with long term, so if you state how many years experience you have and no one have bought your gigs, they quickly conclude that you are no good.
So make yourself cool and nice so that you draw people to buy your gigs and the last part; your Profile Picture.
This should be a female picture and you can get them by searching Google images for beautiful pictures of females. And please, don’t use pictures of female who reveal their cleavage or half of their bosoms. If you do so, you will be regarded as a prostitute. Fiverr buyers are serious minded people, not teen boys who are enticed by sight.
So since you have done this, it is time to create you gigs. Let’s go there!


How To Create Money Sucking Fiverr Gigs:

Now that you have your account and profile ready, then you have to login again through the proxy sites to create your gigs. PLEASE NOTE: Don’t  forget to login to your Fiverr account using proxy site in order to be seen as an American Fiverr seller.
In order to create gigs that will impel people to buy, they have to look very attractive. You have to include some powerful words to motivate them to buy from you.

Here are 7 Golden Rules To Creating Money Sucking Fiverr Gigs:

Rule 1: Pick a Creative, Specific and Eye catching Title. This may be the oldest view increase in the books, though it still works like a charm today. There are countless gigs out there with titles such as “I will do a video testimonial for $5”. These are NOT good titles! An improvement would be “I will create a PROFESSIONAL amazing video testimonial for your product or services for $5”. While this may not be the best title in the world, it’s way more catchy than the first. And that’s really all you need.
Another good one would be “I will design a KILLER e-cover for your magazine for $5”. I’m not sure if you noticed, but the two “good” examples have one word in all caps. It is part of fiverr’s policy that only ONE word in the title can be all capital letters. So take advantage of this and use that capital word to captivate the eyes of the surfers.
Rule 2: Upload a Custom Made Picture. You are required to upload a picture about the service you are providing. MS Paint will also do just fine. Create a flashy custom made image which represents your gig. DO NOT download a generic picture in Google images for the sake of having a picture. The time you put into ensuring that your service is advertised as professional as possible will go a long way.
Rule 3: Have A Long And Well Detailed Description. When it comes to writing a description, the more words the merrier! Do not write two sentences and be general. Explain how your product is amazing. Explain what you will do IN DETAIL and explain in as many words as possible the features of the service. 

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But very articulate and professional sounding, remember the costumer is only spending $5 but he/she still doesn’t want to throw it away, THEY WANT VALUE FOR THE MONEY. Rather if they see that the seller has taken time to explain in detail the product, they will be more comfortable to spend that measly five dollars.
Rule 4: Have At Least 10 Gigs Active. The maximum numbers of gigs you can have at once as a seller on Fiverr is 20, I won’t suggest that. Not everyone can have the idea to create 20 gigs at once but I recommend you put up at least 10 gigs.
That way, you are telling a Fiverr buyer that you are specific in your skills, not over-populated with gigs or as they say, trying to be “Jack of All Trades”. But as time goes by, you can add more gigs whenever you feel like.
Rule 5: Add keywords/Tags on Your Gigs For Search Engine Optimization. When adding the tags, type in the keyword that you are going after and get a list of all of the tags that appear on the first and second page. Remove the duplicates; find out how much you can fit in there. If there isn’t enough good keywords type them into Google search and look at the suggestions.
As a last resort go to a thesaurus and find something related to your KW. However this can sometimes skew your target audience. So use it only when you have a mental block.
Rule 6: Always Set Your Gig Delivery To Just 1 Day! The delivery date should be set to 1 day. You will go over, but what you do is keep asking questions. Send messages  to  your clients so they feel like it’s more personalized. 99% of them won’t cancel because they have already put their trust  and money in you.
Rule 7: Provide clear cut instructions to Buyers. Provide clear instructions to the buyer. If you do this correctly, it will save you hours of answering unnecessary emails from customers. Tell them exactly what they must do, how they should do it, and what they can expect. Then, if you do receive the same questions repeatedly, add another sentence or two in your instructions on the site.
Assuming we have our gigs up and running, it is time to promote them. Without promotion, no one is going to see our gigs and that simply means no sale.


How to Withdraw Your Fiverr Earnings

This part will be very short. Normally, you have to own a paypal account to be able to get your fiverr cash; if you don’t have a paypal account or you are new to you can just check out this page How to Open , Verify and Withdraw Pay Account in Nigeria. But early this year, Fiverr has introduced a new payment system called Fiverr Revenue Card. It is a simple master card by Payoneer in partnership with Fiverr  to withdraw fiverr Revenue from any part of the world.
So all you have to do is, once you have enough money in your Fiverr account for withdrawal, go to the revenue part of your account. You will be provided with two payment options, Paypal and Fiverr Revenue Card. Choose the card option, and follow the instruction to receive yours.
Here are some things you should know about the card.
  1. It will be sent to your home address here in Nigeria. 
  2.  It is accepted worldwide and for online purchases. 
  3. You can withdraw your cash in Nigeria through the normal ATM centers at any local Banks around you. 
  4.  It will boldly have your FULL NAME on it. 
  5.  BRAND NEW: As at 1 January 2013, fiverr Revenue card ownership has now been extended to level 1 seller also!
With this information at your disposal you have no time to waste. It is time to start making money on fiverr.

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  3. Great article! I have a clarification, is it possible to use different two emails? I mean the email address when you use to create an account is not the email address you will use when you withdraw your money via Paypal. Does it affect or not?

    1. @Julius, use your paypal email to also create your fiverr account

  4. Actually, I have already a fiverr account using my email that I use to my paypal account also. I'm thinking to change my profile to an american but it's not possible I think since I used my paypal account also to fiverr.

    I agree with your idea here that american profile has an advantage to attract more customers.

    1. yeah, actually it does have an advantage. But are you really making sales with your already set up gigs even though not as an American profile?

  5. I have not yet tried posting my gigs actually. I conduct my research first just to help me how to make money on fiverr and there found your blog and got some useful information. Do you make sales on fiverr also?

    1. Thanks for been my blog reader.
      According to your question, have not yet set up my gigs. The post was compiled by a friend so I decided to publish it.

  6. Dude, is it legal to make a fake identity?? Sorry if it sounds stupid, but u sure there won't be any case of a cyber crime or something? I am from india..

    1. I can Only advice you to make fake identity if you are Non American to Sell your fiverr gigs but aside from fiverr I can't tell you to make fake identity for anything else online. Thus using fake identity means you must also deliver to your buyers on real terms but not to use it for SCAMS.

  7. very nice post , its very informative. keep it up poster Earn Online

  8. Even with a Nigerian account i sold some Gigs, but had my fiver account banned cos of copyright images used in gig promotion.
    Thanks for this, i'm gonna try again (still as a Nigerian)

  9. what kind of gigs can one actually sell

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  12. Hi Samson.
    Wonderful post here. But I have a couple of questions here for you.

    1. If I'm posing as a female in my account, and when requesting for a Fiverr Revenue card, will I still be approved when my Identification card shows me as a male with a different name?

    2. Supposing I have up to 5 different accounts on fiverr. When applying for a Fiverr Revenue card, do I need to apply for all 5 accounts with the same Identification card?

    Please reply.


    1. Hi David, my advice for you is to use paypal for this kind of transaction or if you have a female friend or relative who can help you with her I.D, then you will also use her name for opening your fiverr account.

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  14. Personally I find it the easiest to start making money on Fiverr by following your interest while providing a service that is in high demand, such as video testimonials (if you love acting, that is). These days video testimonials are all the rage and if you’re not extremely shy in front of a camera, you can certainly start making some money quickly on Fiverr by investing in a decent quality camera. And pretty much that’s it! Just follow your intuition and have fun doing it, and understand that at the beginning you’re not going to be making a lot of money shooting videos of yourself, but if you look at the ones on Fiverr that have 2000 plus positive reviews, you know that there is serious money to be made if you persist, which is what I’m aiming to do.. so far I’ve got about 10 but I’m optimistic that through hard work and dedication I’ll be driving the numbers up steadily..

    The key is creating value for others while having fun doing it, and be consistent.. and remember: creating a service is much easier than creating a product.


  15. Thanks for sharing. i want more information from your side 550 Words Content Only $5

  16. If you failed with Fiverr, just hit up SEOClerks

    Much easier to sell there from my experience


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