How I Earned N52, 500 with Information Marketing Without Having a Personal Blog or Website

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Believe me when I say I earned N52, 500 in just 3 weeks without owning a blog or website. I achieved this through information marketing.
If you are yet to know about how to earn with information marketing you are on a LONGTHING! You can follow this link How to Earn From Information Marketing to learn about information marketing and the wealth therein.

In 2011, was when I wrote an article about “Wealth in Soap Making”. Which I sold N1500 for each copy packaged in an e-book (Pdf format).
The most interesting part was that I didn’t pay for any advert and I didn’t have a blog or a website then; but I still made N52, 500 (which I believe that I could have earned more than that if not for some circumstances that the article encountered).

So how did I earn this money without having to pay for advert and also without a site?

In this section of this article I’ll share with you how I managed to earn from this free program for the sake of those people that are newbie in this kind of program. So you can follow the step by step guide in this article.
I made use of Forum/Membership website (Nairaland and Facebook).


Step 1: Logon to www.nairaland.com and register.

Step 2: Create a new post about the information product you want people to buy (this should be a KILLER 
topic, very captivative and attractive). The description or body of your new post must base on what you are selling (this should be long, about 600 to 1000 words) and should a thread that can solve people’s problem.

Step 3: In the body of your post include your contact details. This should be your email and phone N0s.

Step 4: Traffic generation. This is the most important part of the whole business because without having peoples to go through your thread and to read what you are offering you can’t make any sales from your information product; no matter how good your information might seems.
So how do you achieve this.
First: Go to your account settings (edit profile) and copy the link of your post and paste it to your account signature. You can copy the link of your post by placing your mouse on the topic and right click, then select copy link location to copy the link.
Second: Browse other threads and contributes on such threads by posting relevant post related or more related to your own information product; mostly the threads that falls in your niche. Automatically your signature (which is your product link) will be added after your post. So whenever you’re making a comment on any post your link will be included.

Browse hot topics/threads that have 2 pages or more in them. The reason is that most people will prefer reading threads that is very lively and informative.


What I did then was that I created a facebook group. This help me more in interacting with my potential customers; and not only the group but also my facebook account. And I was posting relevant information even outside the product that I wanted to sell, so this made it more friendly and they found me trust worthy. Though, nairalanders was my real target audience.
So after each relevant post I made on facebook I always include the link to my nairaland topic (product) as to redirect them. So by so doing I gained more traffic than I expected in less than one month.
Though, the post was later deleted by nairaland moderators for a reason which I didn’t know of. That was why I said I could have earned more than what I earned.
As for you, you can make use of more forums so as to gain more than enough traffic that you needed. Use Google search to get more forums but make use of forums that you can convert into sales.

How do I get my product for sale?

The most easiest way for you to do this is to create it in an electronic format i.e. e-book in a pdf format. You can make use of MS Word 2010 to convert your word document into pdf or other word document converter.
Upload to your email and send it via the same email to the email address of the buyer that request for it.

How do I get my money?

To get your money is very easy. If a buyer contacts you, that means he/she is interested in what you are offering. Then send a reply back to such person including how the person is going to make payment i.e. your bank account details and also how the person is going to get the product.
In a format which the buyer will easily understand E.g.
Cost of the Product you’re selling.
Bank Account detail (your own).
Depositor’s Name (buyer).
Slip Number (buyer).
Email address (buyer).
Then after the person had made the payment and you’ve confirmed it, you can then send the product to such buyer.
You can earn high or low to what I earned. This depends on how technical you are and hard work i.e. the type of information that you want to sell and your traffic generation potential.

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