How to Open and Fund Paypal Account in Nigeria

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Nigeria as you know is on the list of the blacklisted countries that can`t get there account verified by Paypal for shopping or general online transaction. So now you need to find an alternative route to open and verify Paypal account. Of course, you will still be a Nigerian and live here in Nigeria to open and verify Paypal account. Below, I will explain how you can go about it that your account  won`t get blocked after the verification of your account, all you have to do is to be careful about how you use your account.
Now let`s get started.
 Logon to Paypal to open an account. Just follow the steps below:
  • Click on open an account

  • Select a country. Now you won`t find Nigeria among the countries listed, so what do you do. Select a foreign country such as South Africa, China and like that. Now, you need to keep your chosen country in mind because you will need it to find a home address for yourself
  • Choose language and click on individual account if you are registering as an individual.
Next window contains where you will type in your information. Please make use of your functioning and best email address here.

To choose a home address just logon to http://www.yellowbook.com/ 
  1. Type a “foreign name” the box that ask what? Then the country you chose in step .1 of Paypal registration and you may also include a state if you know any to complement it but not necessary as the search system will automatically search for a name in the country that you asked for and also it will include the person`s home address and other personal details that may be included.
  2. To get Postal N0.  Just make use of the first 4-5 numbers of the person`s phone number that you`ve gotten. That is if it is not included in the person`s contact location.
  3. After you have successfully gotten the home/phone address you can now continue with your registration. Click on “Agree and create your account.”
Now to verify your account you will need a credit card which is not from Nigeria. How do you do this? It means you will need a virtual credit card.

Note : Virtual credit card can only be use once to purchase a product after which it cannot be use again for whatever purpose.

Now, how do you get a Virtual credit card. Just click here to go to Virtual-cc shop.
If you get to Virtual-cc shop click on the link that says Buy VCC. This is where you will make use of your Liberty reserve to buy Virtual-cc.
After you`ve passed the checkout and successfully pay for your virtual-cc, shop Vcc will send you (via email) the 16 digit number of your virtual Paypal Visa Debit Card and its expiry date and CVV number.
Fill in the Debit Card details on Paypal. This is what you will use in verifying your Paypal account directly. After doing this, Paypal will then deduct some small amount from your Credit Card and also the expuse code attached to the transaction.

Paypal will also further request that you enter the amount deducted from your Virtual Paypal Debit Card into your account area to confirm that you are the owner of the card you used. Since you can`t check your Virtual Debit Card statement , you will also want to contact shop Vcc to give you the expuse code as well as the exact amount deducted from your card. As soon as you get this detail from shop Vcc, enter it into Paypal as requested and your account will be credited.

Or follow this step to get your paypal account verified. This ateps is very easy

  • Logon to vccguru and follow this simple steps:

* Get your Virtual Credit Card (VCC) within 1 - 24hrs of confirming your payment if we are online.
* Valid for 2 weeks.
* From European bank with 1 - 3months expiry date.
* Cheap Price you can't beat.
* It verifies ONLY NON-USA PayPal Accounts.

After payment and confirmation, you will get the following VCC details in your email id provided:
• 16 Digit Virtual Credit Card Number
• 3 Digit CVV2/CVC2 Code Number
• Expiry Date (**/****) mm/yyyy
• VCC should be used within 2weeks of purchase.
Expuse codes arrive 2 - 3 working days after you attached to PayPal account.

 Funding and Withdrawing from your Paypal Account

To fund your Paypal account and withdraw from it also. You will need e-money exchangers. This exchangers can be found online by just making small research through the search engines such as www.google.com / and type Paypal Exchangers or Paypal exchangers in Nigeria. After you have found a reliable one just fill the necessary form with them and submit it after which you begin your transaction with them.

Mind you, you will use your liberty reserve account also in this process because most exchangers make use of this or they ask for your local bank account that is if you are making use of exchanger from Nigeria. If you need exchangers or companies to buy your Paypal from you or you want to fund your Pypal account then you can simply email me on samsoniyke01@gmail.com. Don`t be scared I charge nothing for the service lol! Just for a security reason.
Now read below content because it is very essential for you not to get your Paypal account terminated or blocked.

Note: For your account not to get terminated or blocked you need to be careful by just making use of one IP address to login whenever you want to login to your Paypal account. No need of getting an international IP as some will claim. Just make sure you make use of the IP you used when you registered to login whenever you want to view or perform anything on your account.
So now you are good to go with your Paypal account.

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