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The world of football betting is big and now growing ever bigger. There are new opportunities to have a bet bet than ever before. Backing your judgment and enjoying the thrill of a bet, especially a winning one –offer great excitement, but it can confusing for the first time punter.
To some of you out there, when I say football betting I know what rings in your mind is gambling, right? Mmh…  you may say yes but I will tell you that is NO! Because in gambling the possible outcomes is 50:50 am I making sense?
But here, in football trading, I won`t call it betting again. There are three possible outcomes , these are:
  • Win – home team[1] 
  •    Draw[X] 
  •    Win – [2]
Which aggregate the percentage to be 77% chance of profiting and 33% chance of loosing, which is 77:33. But if you know how to place your trade well you could win like 20 times before loosing  1.
  • You see, in football trading the bookmaker will give you the opportunity to place your money on either  Home team will WIN the match 
  • Or  both DRAW
  • Away team will WIN the match
The bookmaker can also give you the opportunity to place your money like this:
    1. Home team will WIN OR DRAW the match, it will be in this format [X1]
    2. Or  both DRAW, which is still [X]
    3. Away team will WIN OR DRAW the match , which is [X2].
    So now, which brings me back to my question . Which one is gambling, 50% loss or 50 % profit and 77% profit or 33% loss?
    Before we proceed, I usually advice my student trading football not to accumulate their games. Or also
    known as spread betting. About this accumulation thing, and more of the possible ways of loosing your money to football ! Don`t worry  I  shall talk about it and the tools you can use to accumulate profit when clicking on the team you want to trade on, and how to trade on them or how they work  in the second Edition of this tutorial. That’s the advance stage level.

    CAUTION! Don`t ever feel that you can outsmart  the loss that is behind this game without proper guide or tutorial, just because you are a big a big football fan. It never work that way but it only contribute to making possible right choices in big games which odds are very low compare to the lower league games. I know you watch most popular leagues, like English premier league, Spanish la liga, German bundesliga, Italia serie A and french league 1.
    Now, let me tell you that this football trading is a little bit deceiving  without a proper tutorial. I`m afraid you may record five losses before even gaining one. Even losses on those you so called big teams.


    This is how it works, the bookmaker uses odds  to determine the amount of money you could possibly win.   
    Chelsea fc VS Fulham fc
    Chelsea is on the home side and fulham is on the away side. Any team that is on the left hand side is on the home side while the team on the right hand side is on the away side.
    [1] 1.70               [X] 3.1                   [2] 2.5
    This are the odds of the bookmaker. Now, is up to you to click on the boxes to choose whose team win or  both draw the match.
    There could be another option, in the option table just like this:
    [X1] 1.15            [X] 2.40                 [X2] 1.45
    i.e home team will win or draw, or away team will win or draw both team will draw. Then place your bet on your chosen team.
    • There are various ways in which you could place your money on the chosen team. Such as       Handicap method 
    •      1st team to score
    • Team to win half time or full time 
    •  Total goal score 
    •   Goal scorer or sticker to score, and so on. But all these are for advance traders
    The one we will be talking much about  is the WIN DRAW WIN parts. Others will be covered in the second edition of this tutorial.


    • The league and teams to trade on :  Don`t let your mind be troubled, this is very easy and simple to choose. I won`t be there to choose to choose league and teams for you but I will give the clue on the kind of league and how to determine the performance of a good team for you. 
    • Choose like 5 first division leagues and another 5 second division leagues. E.g  Holland, Brazil, England, Portugal, Spain. Now, from the leagues you have chosen also choose their second divisions or lower division leagues either which you want trade on or specialize on the on the second divisions or the first divisions. You can also choose a continent`s champions league trophy. 
    • Keep records of leagues that as high margins, if you are trading on winnings, e.g 3-1, 2-5, 2-0, 4-0, 2-4 etc.

    But if you want to specialize on draws then pick leagues that as low goals margin e.g  0-1, 0-0, 1-2, 1-1, 2-2 results
    • Keep records of the performance of each teams of your chosen league. If they are in high or low form your record table will state that, so you can know which team to place your trade on.
    • Then compare the team which they are playing against. If they are good at winning on home soil or  good at winning on away soil or if they are good at drawing on home soil or if they are good at drawing on away soil. 
    •   Also check their performance i.e number of times they win, lost, goal differences  and draw in the recent season. You can do this by checking  the league table. Click on this link to check it http://www.livefootball.com 
    •        Then place your money on your chosen team if it is good to go by your records and comparism but if not postpone the day`s trade to another day to avoid losing or risking your money.


    How to manage your profit and loss i.e your emotions :  Emotions in football  is a very vital tool to keep your money running.

    To make decisions in an objective manner , we need to provide a framework that covers all aspects of  trading system.
    Here are the individual components that make up a full trading system :
    • Beliefs about the system : This is the part of the system that tells us why the system  works and has an edge in the first place.
    Market conditions where the system perform at its best and worst. Rather than view this as a subset of
    the system  beliefs, it`s  important enough to warrant it`s own heading. A system that perform well in a bull market may fail in a sideways or bear market.
    • Set-up :  This part of the system tells us the conditions are ready for a trade.
    • Entry :  The component of the system that tells us to pull the trigger now.
    •  Stop loss :  The parameter specifies when to exit the trade if it move against us.
    • Profit-taking exit : How and when we exit profitable trades.
    Position sizing strategies.
    Once we have all of these bases covered in a systematic plan, we can make objective decisions more easily at  every point in the trading process. There`s also a bonus for a system: 
    We are free to make emotions during the trade as large as we follow the rules of the system  designed and development phase.


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