Wealth behind Networking Business: what you don`t know

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Do you have Passion for Networking Business or Do you Need Extra Income?

If you have passion in networking or gift in convincing people. Now is high time you turn it into a
lucrative business.
Networking business if you don`t know is a part of major source of income of some wealthy men of the world. Some people that have found theirselves in this kind of business can sleep or not work all their lives and they will still be earning due to the channels of network they have created for themselves.
There are two common ways in which you can engage yourself in networking business.

1.       Own a business/product and create network around it (promoters)
2.       Join a networking business

 Owning a networking business:

This means that you will have a product or service that people will promote 
 or sell on your behalf.
This is done by having people to register under your business and promote or sell your products or services. After which a percentage of the product they promote or sell will be given to them as
commission. And you also allow a means whereby registered members can refer new members and they also get commissioned for doing this. And also a life-time commission on their referral team. This life-time commission can be achieved by creating 2 tiers of income through sales made by the team of the networking channels (promoters).
Networking business, to those who have made their fortune through it remains the best idea and best way of promoting products and services because you will spend less to get your products to the last consumer.


Join a networking business/network marketing:

To join most network marketing company you will have to pay some amount of money for you to get registered. Unlike online affiliate marketing.
After you have successfully registered for the program, then you will be given the company`s products/services to promote.
Note: Before you can sign up for any network marketing to promote their products make sure you are signing up for the company that have a product that will be easily purchased or product most people can`t do without using them. Such as household materials, drugs, beverages and also food materials.


How to Earn from Network Marketing

 According to Wikipedia  from the definition of network marketing, which says network marketing is a way of doing business in which a sales force earn a commission not only for sales of products and services they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit and bring into the business, which creates a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple leveraged levels of compensation.
Now, let`s break this down a little to achieving your goal in network marketing. For the work comfort of your own you can choose all or pick from the list below.
  • ·          You can choose the people you work with.
  • ·         You can choose the time you work and how much you work.
  • ·         You can give yourself an IMMEDIATE raise through savings.
  • ·         You can have the chance to literally set yourself financially free.
Now by signing up and by completing an independent Distributor agreement. You are not being hired by the company as an employee but, rather, you are volunteering to represent the company as an independent contractor, business owner, dealer, representative or consultant. You are awarded a commission based upon the volume of product sold through your sales as well as that of their downline organization.

From the definition above. Let`s say you earn a N500 commission for selling a particular product and it takes you two hours of “work” to make a sale. Break that down and your time is worth N250 per hour. Put in a full 40 hour week and you pocket a nice N10,000.
Let`s also say you have spent some time “recruiting” a few people to join your team who also want the chance to earn N500 per sale and you earn a nice N50 check for every sale THEY make.
Overtime you have built a team of 100 people. They make 20 sales each per week, independent of your time and effort.

YOU = 40 hours, 20 sales, N10,000
TEAM= 4000 hours, 2,000 sales at N50 each = you get N100,000.
See the magic? You get paid on the time and effort of other people.

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