Step-by-step Guide: How to Register your Business Name with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria



If you want to register your business name in Nigeria without involving a third party (e.g lawyer, agent etc), you will have to go directly to any of the CAC branches across the country. Mostly, CAC offices are located in the state capitals in Nigeria.

Steps in Registering your Business Name in Nigeria 

  • Walk into any CAC office in your state. You can find their office in the state capital you are residing. You can get the contact info of the CAC state offices at http://new.cac.gov.ng/home/state-offices/
  • Make sure you already have at least 2-3 different unique names at hand before walking down to the CAC office.
Examples of what the names should look like: 


How to Open and Fund Paypal Account in Nigeria

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Nigeria as you know is on the list of the blacklisted countries that can`t get there account verified by Paypal for shopping or general online transaction. So now you need to find an alternative route to open and verify Paypal account. Of course, you will still be a Nigerian and live here in Nigeria to open and verify Paypal account. Below, I will explain how you can go about it that your account  won`t get blocked after the verification of your account, all you have to do is to be careful about how you use your account.
Now let`s get started.
 Logon to Paypal to open an account. Just follow the steps below:


Online Marketing Tools


Most likely tools that are used for marketing offline products can be adapted for online products and services.
If you have been wondering on the tools to help start your own online business, you can learn by following this piece of article.
When you want to earn more profit then it is advantageous to learn how to market your business online. What you need to start up with, first, is to create a proper marketing strategies.

How it work (getting started)

 It is best to start in using the proper marketing technique. You may use the principle of advertising like pay per click. This allows owners of the business to post their already made online banner in the other

Wealth behind Networking Business: what you don`t know

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Do you have Passion for Networking Business or Do you Need Extra Income?

If you have passion in networking or gift in convincing people. Now is high time you turn it into a
lucrative business.
Networking business if you don`t know is a part of major source of income of some wealthy men of the world. Some people that have found theirselves in this kind of business can sleep or not work all their lives and they will still be earning due to the channels of network they have created for themselves.
There are two common ways in which you can engage yourself in networking business.

1.       Own a business/product and create network around it (promoters)
2.       Join a networking business

 Owning a networking business:

This means that you will have a product or service that people will promote 
 or sell on your behalf.
This is done by having people to register under your business and promote or sell your products or services. After which a percentage of the product they promote or sell will be given to them as


Marketing Your Online Business

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Marketing means different things to different people. While many people believe that marketing is entirely selling, others believe it include advertising, another group sees marketing as distribution, while other believe marketing comprises of the activities going on in the market.
Each view might not be entirely wrong. Marketing is an important element in order for you to gather more customers that patronizes your products. This implies that proper marketing strategies will let you earn a lot more than what you have expected.
This piece of article will guide you through marketing your products online and offline. In any means of marketing, it is essential for you to have a better access and understanding of the target customers or audience that you have. In addition, marketing your online business means a lot in terms of the income that you may get.

 Examine your Product/Business

 Things you must do, first, is to identify the products as well as the services that you have. Identifying your own products will let you determine ways on how they will be presented to the public. You should not only learn about your products, hence you should learn a lot from your competitors.
Once you have determined the exact services that you are providing, you must know the quality of your

Online Stocks Trading


Online stocks trading (buying and selling stocks) is an important work that needed more information to trading it. It also include the proper use of entrepreneurial skills.
Stock trading usually demands the proper use of knowledge on the matter. This field usually generates good revenue to those investors. Being a newbie in this field is not a problem. So just follow the step-by-step information guidelines below:

Open a Trading Account online (Choosing Online Broker)

 The first thing to do is for you to set up a trading account online. In choosing a broker online, make sure that you will choose someone with good credibility, that is, to avoid dealing with SCAM Brokers ensure that you exercise due diligence (there are over 2million brokers on the internet). Research on the possible brokers must be conducted. Make sure that you draw comparisons between them. This will let


How to Choose Internet Business

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The internet has successfully reach its era because it can reach virtually every part of the world. Transaction is made impossible of any field if there is no existence of the internet due to its importance.

 Recognizing the Best Internet Business to Start

 There are various ways by which you can earn a living on the internet. Now, it depends on you to find out which you are good at, this sounds like your normal profession all you have to do is to do a little research on how you can go about it on the internet.
These can be grouped into many parts but the most common ones are:
  • Advertising and promoting products and services
  • Website design
  • Currency Exchange
  • Article writing and Review(Freelancer)
  • Blogging


Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy for www.wealthmeans.com

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free
to contact us by email at phabulouzinternetsolutions@gmail.com.

At www.wealthmeans.com, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by www.wealthmeans.com and how it is used.

Football betting SECRET

The world of football betting is big and now growing ever bigger. There are new opportunities to have a bet bet than ever before. Backing your judgment and enjoying the thrill of a bet, especially a winning one –offer great excitement, but it can confusing for the first time punter.
To some of you out there, when I say football betting I know what rings in your mind is gambling, right? Mmh…  you may say yes but I will tell you that is NO! Because in gambling the possible outcomes is 50:50 am I making sense?
But here, in football trading, I won`t call it betting again. There are three possible outcomes , these are:
  • Win – home team[1] 
  •    Draw[X] 
  •    Win – [2]
Which aggregate the percentage to be 77% chance of profiting and 33% chance of loosing, which is 77:33. But if you know how to place your trade well you could win like 20 times before loosing  1.
  • You see, in football trading the bookmaker will give you the opportunity to place your money on either  Home team will WIN the match 
  • Or  both DRAW
  • Away team will WIN the match
The bookmaker can also give you the opportunity to place your money like this: