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There are many kinds of prisons. Some are visible while some are invisble, some are made with hands while others are not. They are rather made by our ignorance, or lack of information because we are now in an information age.

Equally true is the fact that there are many kinds of prisoners. Some of them are in physical prisons, while others are in financial prisons. Some are in the prison of  fear, poverty some are imprisoned for the taught  that they don`t have the capable resources and so on….

Life in prison can be terrible. Been in bondage without the freedom to do what one would love to do can be worse than death at times. That is why freedom is so precious, so sweet, so desirable. That is why majority of prisoners would love so much to be free. And that is why I wrote this article for  you to know the escape pod  to financial freedom. Here are some vital analysis on how to be financially free.
·         You have to consider yourself as an overcomer and a freeman against financial prison. When I said overcomer what I meant was a winner, because is a winner that sees opportunity in any difficulty whereas a loser sees every difficulty in any opportunity.
There are things you need to look upto before you can be financially free

1. Your environment :  how is your relationship with your environment? 
2.  What does people say about the environment? Good or bad, don`t ever say is bad even though people around you are saying things are hard on them ,just see yourself achieving things already because in that same environment there must be one or two persons who have financially made it, so you can count yourself as one.
3.  What do you think you can manage in your environment or society, is it a long-term investment or a short-term investment  within a year .
4.  How do he influence you? The rich man in your society. If you want to be like him or morethan what he his never say negative things about him always see yourself in his shoes, see positive things about him, so this will activate you to work and think as he does.
Don`t concentrate on preserving money but rather on finding new ways to earn it.
As it is in an adage that we use something to find something,  that`s how it is, we use money to seek for money. If all you concentrate on is preserving your money then how are you suppose to get another or increase the one that is with you.

Though it is good to preserve money i`m not trying to say you shouldn`t but try to invest on something profitable. Think of something around you, make researches, seek  for informaton and advice from experts or successful people in your field of research. You shall definitely make it and be free!!

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