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It will be surprising by now if you saw In newspapers an advertisement, adverts are there because the advertisers wants to make money. Go through any newspaper or magazine, you will see all form of adverts. As a marketer what I do and also will advice you  to do is to simply give the advertiser a call, text or visit.
Simply let the advertiser know that you have access to thousands of people that will be interested in his or her product  and ask for commission if once anybody that you refer makes a purchase. Its that simple.
You can also be the online partner of such advertiser. This  can be easily achieved by creating a free blog and you start talking about the services or product the advertiser is selling. I assure that if you do this well nobody that really knows what business is all about will ignore you.

This approach can also be used to become agent of an organization that does not have presence in your state or locality. If you can proof that you really know what you are doing, sky is your starting point.



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If you have noticed of late thirst for information in the world is growing by the seconds both online and offline and trust smart people they are smiling to the bank.

What is An Information Product?

An information product is simply a product that sells information. In other  words as you are reading this article right now, it is an information product but a free information product to say.
Not all information sell but only the ones that solves a particular problem. In other  words, sell what  people really need. There are hundreds of information products out there that if you decide to go into today will start making you incomes in a matter of days.
Let us take a look at the following examples of an information product.
·         How to make money through football betting
·         How to choose a good forex broker
·         How to start a bottle water business.


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There are many kinds of prisons. Some are visible while some are invisble, some are made with hands while others are not. They are rather made by our ignorance, or lack of information because we are now in an information age.

Equally true is the fact that there are many kinds of prisoners. Some of them are in physical prisons, while others are in financial prisons. Some are in the prison of  fear, poverty some are imprisoned for the taught  that they don`t have the capable resources and so on….